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Buying a New Build vs Older Property

Buying a New Build vs Older Property

When searching for your dream home, there are essential factors to take into account.

Considerations like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the property's storeys, its location, and the size of the back garden are crucial elements.

These factors determine whether the property captures your heart or not. One of the most significant dilemmas for homebuyers is choosing between an older property with character or a new modern build. This enduring debate raises the question: which one is the best fit for you?.

Buying a New Build Property:

Everything is Brand New: From skirting boards to window frames, everything in a new build property is fresh and in pristine condition. You won't need to worry about updates or replacements for a considerable time.

Personalisation from the Start: New build homes often allow buyers to customise the interior finish, including kitchen design, bathroom suites, wall finishes, and flooring.

Energy Efficiency: New homes are better insulated and equipped with more advanced heating systems compared to older homes. Since June 2022, Northern Ireland building regulations have improved energy efficiency in new builds by 40%.

10-Year Structural Warranty: New homeowners are protected by a 10-year warranty, as well as covering defects discovered after moving in.

Buying an Older Property:

Charm and Character: Older houses offer a unique charm and character that appeals to many buyers. Stunning features can make these homes truly special.

Potential Cost Savings: Older homes might be more affordable upfront, but work required in renovations can be disheartening. 

Wear and Tear: Older homes have experienced wear and tear, leading to issues like dampness, outdated electrical and plumbing systems. Maintenance and repairs can be costly.

High Maintenance Costs: Older properties require regular maintenance and may need updates, such as new kitchens and bathrooms, which can be expensive.

Poor Energy Efficiency: Older homes are typically draughty and challenging to heat due to inadequate insulation, old windows, doors, and inefficient heating systems.

Ultimately, the choice between a new build and an older home depends on personal preference. At all our new developments, each of our homes are designed with character and timeless quality. 

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